Not hiding empty staves correctly

Disclaimer: I have posted this before but have been disapproved as off topic/duplicate without being told the exact reason or pointed to the original topic where this issue is refuted/explained. I have searched the forum for threads about hiding empty staves and wasn’t able to find any that would be at least similar.

In the attached score, I hide empty soprano solo staff. In the beginning, it works as expected; between bars 20-29 the empty staff is not hidden; then, on bar 30 it is hidden again.

Is there a way to force Dorico to hide bars 20-29 as well?
Rock My (582 KB)

There is something in those bars. Simply select those bars in that stave (in Write mode) and hit Delete or Backspace.

It was. Banging my head against the table that I didn’t come up with this myself. Thank you!

Anyway, maybe some notification about this would be helpful?

Well yeah, it’s weird. Normally there would be a signpost if something was hidden, unless it had been hidden via some sort of backdoor (and there are a few possibilities there). Did this originate as a MusicXML file?

Actually, it did.