not loading plugins


I have noticed a few times before. on Cubase 5.
that suddently it won’t load plugins.
i can click to insert, and select which one, but it never loads.

how can this be?
i just started a new project, with a film in it, and suddently it won’t let me use plugins on the tracks. i saw this happen before, but never figured out why and didn¨t see it happen again for some time.
and suddently it’s there again.

does anyone know why?


Trash Prefs? All projects, or just one?

just this one project.
i experienced it some time ago as well, with another project.

when it happens. and the plugin does not load. i get a Runtime Error a few minutes later, like clockwork.
i tried to re install… and re delete… and all that . ?


Reading this only now.

I’m experiencing the same issue, but all the times on every project.
it’s happening after I’ve updated from 5 to 5.5.3

It doesn’t matter what’s the CPU load, usually it doesn’t overcome 40% on my projects, it seems it happend after a while i’m working on a project.

Let say after 30 min, I can’t load any or nearly any plugin on inserts or on VST instruments window, even the included ones like Groove Agent One or Cubase native plugins.

Anyother else that has same problem?


Hello guys,
I have had the same problem since I switched exclusively to 64 bit.
Regardless of Windows (7 or 10) from the moment a Cubase project alone reaches the +/- 6GB of ram, it begins to not load certain plugins. From a certain point cubase does not even load his own natives!
How do people correct this problem? Just passing to OSX?

Here is the aspect of the situation:

32GB of ram