Not much activity on this forum lately

That must mean everything is going well or everyone is on a well deserved vacation.

OK, I’ll start: M1.

I actually find the new forum format a little confusing, so I tend to not read on here or post as often as I used to…

But that being said I don’t post as often on any forums really. Maybe I’m just getting old or something.

If it ain’t broke …

Il be next, WL11?

Mornington Crescent!


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Already a topic

This forum style/program is lame, imo. This forum style must be awesome to Steinberg because most of their customers go to YouTube to get an answer to a question they might have… Apparently they have no time to deal with a forum of customers.

When you really look at it, it’s basically a wall put up by Steinberg to thwart Steinberg users from seeking information about Steinberg products. Sad.

Man relax it’s vacation times for most people around
here Europe in July and August, PG and some users are
indeed active here…

regards S-EH

I think that in some respects it is a good thing that there is not much activity since it means that there are fewer problems with Wavelab. FWIW

I have kept using WL 9.5.5 instead moving on to WL 10 due to a number of problems I had early on. Recently I switched over my Mac and then my PC to WL10. So far very stable and some nice features. THANKS PG!!!:+1:

I predict more activity next month…

That probably means an update of some sort???

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i check back from time to time hoping there’s an update that fixes the track sheet column/design export issue… alas. but hoping the autumn brings some fixes!

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Ooh, next month sounds pretty good to me. Would’ve guessed October.