Not one Cubase mention in Reddit EDM favourite Daw thread!

Not really sure about this whole discourse about the media bay. Personally I think it’s one of cubases major selling points. It’s powerful, fast and relatively intuitive once you get the hang of it. Search the forums for insights into why your system has slowed down so much.

What makes Reddit any different to any other community forum? They’re all the same, a collection of people with a shared interest. Maybe you should unsubscribe from any toxic Reddit subs and search for good ones. Reddit has a wealth of information for music producers. I’m not sure why I even wasted my time explaining something so obvious.

Way to go to hijack someone’s thread. :man_facepalming:

Ohh please go and take your propaganda else where , you seem to be a trolling blickered one sided person that seems to refuse the fact that every time Steinberg has a crossgrade sale their servers are so overwhemled that they crash with the demand of new licences so carry on believing what you like mr newby who came here just to flame and cause controversy

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I’m a cubase user of nearly twenty years. I’m certainly no new user. I love cubase. Calling someone a troll because you don’t agree with their right to express an opinion says more about your narrow mindedness. The tone of your responses are clear and suggest more of a troll like nature than mine.

If cubase has such a large user base with mountains of resources then please enlighten me as to why this forum mainly solely exists for the large majority to complain about why there are purportedly so many bugs and stability issues. If they had such a large user base with limitless engineers at their disposal, then this forum would not be full of people complaining.

Keep your head buried in the sand old timer, it seems like you’re very comfortable there.

Oh Kiddy , people use these places like your self to come and complain , why would you visit a forum if you system is up and running perfectly and if you check how many users are actually registered to the forum and how many actually post you will start to see the light . you carry on complaining kiddywinkle .Steinberg will be here a lot longer than you’ll be in the music industry .

Whatever awful experiences have happened in your life to result in your unpleasant demeanour, I do hope you overcome. Civility is a noble quality you’d do well to invest some time in nurturing. Sending you a big hug.

What a strange person , im civil to people i respect , not click bait argument enticers . enjoy your life kiddywinkle

So are you an EDM producer? Reading that Reddit thread it doesn’t really bother me what people use, as it just depends where you came in to the world of audio as to what you use I feel.

For most Cubase users, we started a long time ago when it was the main player in the DAW world. For someone who’s been at this for 4-5 years then they probably saw techniques via YouTube that were based on Ableton workflows - and their road in was there.

Another factor is that back in the earlier days Cubase was just so freely obtainable, I remember CD’s being passed around that had a ton of audio software and people were just installing it and learning about what DAWs can do - and many of these are probably the mature users frequenting the boards today.

When i was younger, i could never imagine a time where I’d pay $500+ for a piece of software - that just seemed like something a business would pay… But as you mature, i guess you become more appreciative and more knowledgeable thanks to the internet on ways to get on the ladder via upgrades/crossgrades etc.

Those unmarked CD’s waaaaay back in the day are where i developed a love and appreciation for Cubase, or rather digital music as a whole. I just see the same occurring today but it’s Ableton that’s easily obtainable and thus the lead DAW.

So, Is it more a case of monkey see monkey do than actual decisions based on experienced use of each DAW? The pro Cubase comments on that reddit thread do seem to be from more mature users to me. I’m willing to bet that vast majority of users wouldn’t buy a dongle and try Pro out for 30 days to see what it can do to really give a verdict.

Me personally, I’ll produce similar music no matter what DAW I’m using. But if you’re used to using a crutch such as the functions in Ableton I can get why some people are lost when they have to resort to basic functions and deeper musical knowledge.

Problem is, Steinberg need to break some eggs to properly chase this market I feel.

Click bait? Maybe you derive validation from clicks and displaying argumentative pompous discourse to satiate your ego, however i certainly don’t give two cahoots about clicks. It was simply a discussion, of which people like Skijumptoes and some others were able to meaningfully contribute to.

All you’ve done is display that you don’t have the maturity to engage with others, who’s opinions you don’t agree with. Continue name calling though by all means, your childishness only further dispels any remnants of credibility.

LUKE believe it or not i don’t come to this forum for you . your just a person on a forum who seems to think i can belittle people with your grammar which doesn’t impress me one little bit so … you carry on carrying on and i’ll carry on doing what i came here for .,now GOODBYE !

Just imagine if George Lucas used that line instead of “I am your father”. What could’ve been, eh? :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to belittle you, if I was, you’d know about it. Often people who cause issues then go on the defensive and claim to be a victim when people stand up to them. We could quite have easily had a civil discussion without the emotive language and name calling. You chose not to.

Most everyone I know personally use Cubase as a 90% audio app, because of it is fairly simple to use, intuitive (once we got used to the terminologies) and powerful.

I’ve never as much as attempted, much less done EDM…just rock, jazz, country, acoustic stuff.

If Cubase didn’t fit my needs, I would not use it. There are more demographics than EDM or any other single application.

Go to any other DAW forum and experience the exact same thing.

Fine, I’d be totally OK with 4-sample granular automation.

As it is, I get per-sample-block automation, if I’m lucky, and the filters respond really sluggishly even so (presumably because filter stability/gain preservation under animation is both expensive and hard.)

I want to automate an EQ to envelope slave it to the hi-hat. Hi-hat transients are pretty fast, and you can easily hear when the tool gets it wrong.

Also, I’m convinced most listening to EDM music is done by people in front of computer screen, wearing headphones. Sure, there are festivals and clubs. Those are … marketing events? Happy side gigs? Something like that.

Sounds like a pretty old problem…with solutions.

Not sure what effect you’re after or what control(s) you’re trying to pump, when, where, why, but sometimes its more a matter of picking the right plugins as opposed to trying to brute force it.

Is it really something that has to be a host controlled effect? Asking for two different threads to do something that precision demanding to the same sound with ASIO Guard in play = asking for trouble. Disabling ASIO guard and using the smallest ASIO buffer possible (or simply making sure the tracks that require extreme precision are ‘armed’) ‘sometimes’ helps, but not always. Best to keep as much as possible for something that quick/demanding in the same thread (groups can help force streams into the same thread, plus afford some extra routing options with quad/surround configurations)…

How is it slaved to that hi-hat? Sidechained based on frequency levels in the audio stream, or via VSTi triggering events? MIDI precision hasn’t been good for any PC DAW, since EVER, nor in Macs since they moved to Intel, plus…the stuff I said above about threads and ASIO Guard/buffers. So, if you’re trying to get something really tight slaved straight from trigger events in a MIDI/Instrument track good luck.

If you don’t have an EQ in your tool box that supports side-chaining directly (Best option if possible, and I understand your desired effect chain properly), you still have a few options to get the same effect. One that comes to mind right away is: Quad group with a pair of side chained gates in parallel (one gets channels 1&2, the other 3&4) > the variations that you wish to fade between. Perhaps even a compressor on one side to smooth it out a bit. One gate opens channels 3&4 with high-hat while the other closes 1&2…thus a cross-fading (or abrupt change if you so prefer).

There’s probably other ways too, I just don’t have a solid concept of what you’re trying to get done, where the effect rides in your mix, etc. Based on experience though, when trying to do something that needs that much precision, it’s probably a good ‘best practice’ to avoid putting the task off on the host where at all possible. Where possible keep control of the effect in the same thread as the output of the effect.

Yes, it might be nice if automation lanes were glued to tighter timing resolution, but that comes with a trade off in terms of things like thread management and potential total track count. Maybe if there were ‘options’ where the user could choose the precision on each automation lane individually, as a lot of things we do in most types of music don’t require a lot of precision…that’d be pretty cool, and it wouldn’t be something ‘just for EDM’ either. We’s ALL benefit. Probably easier said than done…

Thing is…when someone says, something like: Do it like this, and do it because EDM Producers demand it. Ignore ‘us’ at your own peril.

Well…the more of that nonsense we get…the more we see gimmiky ‘plugins and content packs’ aimed at ‘attracting new/young users’ instead of getting pragmatic engine development and features that benefit anyone using the DAW at professional levels, for ANY kind of music.

Cubase has bent over backwards doing things they think will appeal to EDM Producers. Hundreds of presets, loops, etc aimed at these people. It’s so much I’ve even stopped downloading most of it each time I upgrade! Several new synths and track types squarely targeted to that market. The more they do this, the more we see threads about how Cubase sucks for EDM, stop ‘ignoring us’.

Not so much as a new drum kit, horn, piano, etc…for everyone else (people that’ve been upgrading to every version of Cubase for over a decade). Hasn’t been much added for regular folk/rock song writers or orchestral people in AGES.

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This seems more appropriate


I thought you didn’t come on the forum to talk to people you have no respect for etc (ie people who’s opinions are not the same as yours) make your mind up,

as for the article - what does this have to do with anything. I already know how amazing Cubase Pro is that’s why I’ve used it for years and continue to do so.

Because people who aren’t running into any problems, don’t need to go post on the internet? They’re busy making music.

I don’t understand why you’re talking about threads. VST is fully thread safe on a per-plugin basis. This should JUST WORK, and the only reason it doesn’t, is that Steinberg decided to cut corners in the implementation of the built-in gain and EQ tools.

That sidesteps entirely my point, which was that “I tried to do the obvious thing, and it failed miserably, because Steinberg cut corners when implementing the default channel strip in Cubase.” Having to go chasing down alternative ways to Do The Thing I Want is a massive time suck, and gets in the way of what little creative flow I still have time for …

I understand that some plugins may implement this correctly. In fact, if you read back up the thread, you will note that I WROTE MY OWN PLUGIN to do this correctly, which to me was probably not a whole lot work than trying to audition each plugin in my stable and see which one might actually Do The Thing Correctly. That’s not what my suggestion is about.

In the modern application world, “being able to do a thing by bending backwards three times over,” is not the bar to beat. The bar is “the obvious thing I try to do, should obviously work, unless there’s a really good technical reason why it can’t, and in that case, the UI shouldn’t make it seem as if I can do that thing in the first place.”

I think all genre users could agree to this as a fine basic goal, TBH!

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