Not quite getting the workflow here...

I’m trying-out WL with some basic audio book editing, and not quite sure the fastest way to do things. It is a typical ~1 hr. straight reading that needs to be assembled, with all kinds of stops/starts/noises/slates/etc. I put regions in the file for each element (page, caption, etc.), and then used exclusion regions to skip false starts and bad takes. The next steps are to remove mouth noises, breaths, and clicks from the regions we’re keeping, and the more of that I can batch process the better.

I need to output individual files for each element, but am OK doing as much editing in the master as I can.

Now what…? I went through using the exclusions regions, thinking I’d be able to basically do in-line non-destructive editing without needing a Montage, but it doesn’t seem like Auto Split will split at regions while also leaving out exclusion ‘sub-regions.’

The main thing here is that, once I find the best process, this work needs to be able to go very, very fast.


What you want to do, is typically done faster with a montage. Why don’t you want to use it?

Thanks, PG…
I could-- I just was not sure how it would be faster, and the Audio File workspace seemed like it had the capability and simplicity. This is really simple ‘select + delete’ type stuff, also with frequent need for Level Envelope (no need for crossfades). The fewer attended steps, the better.

In starting off, I’ve usually just created regions per page, auto-split into separate files, then opened each one and just gone through them doing editing & fades. Are there specific things you have in mind in the Montage that would speed things up?


In your project, once you cut something, it’s easy to readjust the clips’ edges.

Right, but in the case of this project, I’m not sure that’s any better than using region markers and just deleting stuff between them…but I can definitely see how it’s worth trying, so I will.

It would be useful if there was a way to auto split, and keep all existing markers within what’s split-- For example, to auto split to new files at region markers, and to keep any generic or exclusion markers (and audio) that exist within the region.

You really need to explore the power of the audio montage, it’s really ideal for this type of work. No need to split, just cut the track and it’s now two clips. Adjust he edges, like PG said, and render these separate clips, or CD tracks, or regions, or all clips. And all that non-destructive, with the montage to come back to and all source audio untouched. Not to mention processing separate clips, adding fx, volume, pan etc…

Thanks, I will…I have worked some amount in it and like it a lot. It’s just that this work is a little different from what I’ve done in it before, which has been mostly acoustic music editing and mastering.