Not recognising MIDI Controller - HELP!!

Hi All,

I’m able to write MIDI notes into a part using the mouse - but not with my MIDI Keyboard Controller (M-AUDIO Keystation 49es)

It’s listed in the Device Set up - see photo - but there’s no signal whatsoever coming in.
The device is class compliant and doesn’t require additional drivers - so it’s not a driver issue - any clues?

Screenshot (20).png

Are you able to choose that input on the midi track?

Like does it show up on the list of choices for midi inputs?

Check MIDI filter and -Thru settings

Hi Tacman - thanks for getting back!

Yes it does - see attached…

Btw - I usually have MIDI OUT selected underneath as well, but I didn’t this time as I was just showing you my controller in the Midi In…
Screenshot (23).png

This seems to have resolved itself overnight - I have a very unstable system at the moment :-/
Thanks for your help guys!

Sometimes it depends on what gets turned on first.

For instance, after troubles in my earlier days when I was new to DAWs, I found out the best thing was to always have my USB devices and Audio & MIDI interfaces on ‘before’ I fire up my DAW rig.

That way when the computer starts and does it’s initial scan, then all that’s plugged in and turned on should be seen by both the computer and Cubase.

My 61 key keyboard is fed by USB, but has an ON/Off switch which I always just leave on.