Not recording Audio

Hello all,

I have just bough Cubase Elements and have spent the last 4 hours in pure frustration, getting driver issues sorted out etc. Now however I find I an unable to record anything. I have my guitar connected and can here it through the speakers, however when I press record I just get a long flat line with no audio. I can see the level going up and down as I play, yet nothing happens when I press record. What am I doing wrong?

Which of the steps about setting up the system, explained in the manual don’ t work for you…?
And not providing any info about your used system / gear / software is not really a good way to get reasonable help…


Try to check this:

  1. Device > Device Setup > VST Audio System > ASIO Driver
  2. Devices > VST Connections > Input tab

Can you describe these two settings?

I am running Windows 7 64 bit, using a Edirol UA-25 with Cubase Elements 6.

Because I turned my computer of last night and the back on again this morning the UA-25 driver doesn’t work anymore. This is obviously acceptable, not even slight annoying . So I will now uninstall it and reinstall it. It will the work until I stupidly turn my computer off again. I will do the reinstall after this message, but that is problem 1.

Problem 2: Once the driver is installed i can set my VST Audio system as the UA-25 for both ins and outs. Liewise I set my VST connects as the UA-25 for both ins and Outs.

Many thanks

Ok, I have now reinstalled the driver.

VST ASIO driver set as UA-25

VST Connections:

Inputs: Audio Device - UA-25, mono IN
Output: Audio Device - UA-25, stereo, Device Port Out/OUt(R)

There is no sign of any signal within Cubase.

Any help on this?

Can you send screenshot, please? I decide, there has to be 2 mono inputs. One is left, and second one is right. Can you check it?

Btw: Is your input Hi-Z?

I have attached some screen shots of my settings.

I have a button that I can press from Hi-Z on input (my guitar is connected to this). It doesn’t appear to make a difference when I press it.

Last screen shot

Gret, thanks for this!

Do you really use Mono track in the project? If you used Stereo track, you have not Conected device here.

Whether I use mono or stereo I get no signal from my guitar in Cubase. I can here my guitar coming out of the speakers yet there appears to be no signal inputted to Cubase.

Open the Cubase mixer and expand the channels. Open the channel routing and tell the channels you are using to connect to whatever input you have available, and then route to Stereo Out.

Import an audio file (CD track) onto one of the tracks that you have connected and play it back through your monitors.

Do you have audio?

Now if you try to record onto this same track, can you see the wave file that you have created? If you CANNOT, then your external mixer is not allowing signal to enter the mixer.

Cubase Elements 6 does not have the extended mixer…

Buggers! :blush:

OK, I would still suggest he import a CD track and see if he can see the wave and play it. Er, can that happen?

is the track armed since you say you can also see meter working? Not just monitor on, but armed?

How would I know if the track is armed on not?

I am on the verge of refunding this product, I cannot get anything to work.

I am fairly competent using software, and use many complex animation and graphics packages and bespoke calculation tools that are extremely unintuitive and do not follow a standard windows style layout or operation whatsoever. I have never been so unsuccessful with a package and I am extremely frustrated.

I very much appreciate all you efforts to help get my started, but I am afraid I have been beaten.

Record button of the track turns red.

Does the peak meter of the input channel show any activity when playing?

Cubase Elements does not have input channels neither…