Not rendering mute parts

Steinberg, please… don’t know if it was done in new versions but in 10.0.5 if I try to render a part that happens to be either muted or not selected (right click + render) it renders nothing… but in 100% cases when I click to render, it means I need the audio rendered. not silence.

If I go through a run of 5 overdubs trying to render them, it’s a lot of clicking, mute/unmute, select each take… it’s completely unnecessary.

Please, override whatever mute/selection settings are so when I render the part it will ALWAYS render it. Make the algorhythm to automaticall disable mute or select it as a playable part.

Who needs to render empty parts? Right now Cubase thinks there’s a scenario where you need just that.

It’s kind of like reversing a car with the handbrake still engaged. Finally the automakers figured out that nobody really wants that, and applied an automatic parking break release when car is put into reverse.


I strongly disagree. When I Mute any part, I don’t want to Render it. It is Muted for a purpose. I don’t want Cubase would overwrite my Mute actions.

Btw, you can easily select all Events/channels parts in the track and Unmute them at once. You can even make a Macro for this and assign a Key Command.

Yes it is for a purpose, if you try to render your muted tracks that you don’t want to render it’s technically your user error (mislick), I bet it doesn’t happen often. so it shouldn’t be taken into consideration. If I try to render a track, it’s because I want to, I’m looking for a quick workflow and this is an obstacle. I need to render 10-15 vocal take parts (for BGV). This mute situation creates a lot of extra tedious clicking.