not saving audio output settings

ive got a big problem c10 wont save my audio settings each time I try and start a track I have to do audio setup everytime.ive even created my own templates all predone but eachtime I load one I have to set everything up again because theres no outputs or inputs and menronome output its very frustrating !!

im not changing anything to mess any settings up and if I load and project in 9.5 its got no setup issues same with ableton or reason they load ok.


Does Cubase quit properly? Doesn’t it crash while quit?

Is it the same if you don’t quit Cubase?

  • Create project, set the Ins/Outs.
  • Save the project.
  • Close the project.
  • Create a new project.

Can you see the In/Out busses?

hi thanks for replying.

yes Cubase is quitting properly but its the same if I create a template and quit o if it crashes its not remembering my ins and outs so I have to set up each time even if I load up a old project.

my sound card is a uad Apollo twin usb and ive been using it for about a year so its the same interfeace ive used with Cubase 9.5.

waxxy, you don’t say what your OS is? I was having a problem with my ASIO driver in C10 that I had never experienced with any version of Cubase on this machine. My solution was to reload the OS, Win7 64. It was a hassle but everything is now working like it should.


Yes, if Cubase crashes, Cubase doesn’t remember its settings.

I’m having a similar issue with an Apollo Twin MKII, so I guess is something to do with the Apollo drivers. I have to switch the audio driver every time a load up a new project, and reassign all the inputs.

I have the same problem here windows 10 64bit cubase 10.0.15


I would strongly recommend to update to the latest Cubase 10.0.60 in this case.