Not Searching All Menu Items on Mac

When you type in a word it should search all the menu items even if they are greyed out. Looking for Enter Tempo it didn’t find it and I knew that was in one of the menus. That gives me much less confidence now that searching finds everything, not sure why this is. I remember Pro Tools for a while wouldn’t find things in the menu items and then they fixed that about 10 years ago.
Enter Tempo.jpg


First of all this is macOS feature not Cubase.

The list is not complete. There are just 10 entries in it as a maximum. If there are more then 10 entries in all menus, you don’t see all of them. I don’t know the logic of the result sorting on macOS, sorry.

Correct I am sorry I didn’t make that more clear. Often when I am on Windows I miss this feature. Command-clicking on the project title on Mac broke in version 10.5 which is a Mac-only thing and a known issue, I thought this was another one of those things that the Mac Build didn’t translate properly (since Cubase and Nuendo are clearly a Windows application first, though Mac versions over the years have become awesome!).

I’m not sure what some native apps have had to do to make searching menu items on a Mac work but most all of them do unless they are Java-based, HTML 5, Adobe Air-based or something similar. I know Steinberg has had to tweak some things over the years for Mac version like the FireWire video and QuickTime as well as the workaround with their interfaces for direct communication with the hardware from the DAW that ASIO 2 supports but CoreAudio still does not.

I didn’t realize this, I tried to find something I read in an old OmniFocus forum about how the menus show up. It looks like that was the issue though. Thanks for the heads-up I’ll be more careful in noticing if 10 items populate and that I might not be seeing everything. Did you read that somewhere or just your observation? I searched all over the internet and couldn’t find anything that explicitly said that.