Not seeing "New Samples" with 11 upgrade

I just upgraded from 10.5 Artist to 11 Pro (on a Mac), and I’m not seeing the “Six fresh, exclusive sound and loop sets,” as described at the new features page. Did I miss a step?


Did you install the library from the Steinberg Download Assistant, please?

There is perhaps another thing that happens Martin? For example I downloaded some of the new VST Sound banks (I only needed four) and found them in my VST Sound folder. They were all there. In my C11 Project however, in the Media tab showing all the VST Sounds, only ‘Bloom’ was there, the other three were not listed. So in my my case, except for ‘Bloom’, I had to go into the VST Sound folder, find the particular VST Sound bank and double click on it. Yep, it’s a weird behavior but for some reason, even though the sound bank is in the VST Sound folder, it is not installed. Double click on these and a window pops up saying ‘You have already registered this Sound bank’ (something like that!) and now it will appear in the library and in your Project ready for use.