not showing download after checking grace period eligibility

Hi guys ,i just tried to update to cubase 9 from 8.5. i am eligible for grace period & my licence has been updated to pro 9 on usb licencer & its confirmed by steinberg website but when i check for grace period eligibilty for download it shows the download for cubase 8.5 NOT cubase 9 . but my steinberg shows a 10.5 gb file but i am looking for 1.81gb file for update from 8.5 to 9…where can i find it.What should i do?


Are you sure there is 1.81GB upgrade? Cubase 9 is an independent application, so I would expect the ful installer only, which you should be able to find under the MySteinberg > Downloads, when you are logged in.

My upgrade to 9 download was only 1.8 GB,it installed fine,it must use the shared content already installed with 8.5.
The size of the download from MY Steinberg is the full installer of 10 GB or so.

the smaller upgrade file was available on asknet when i purchased it…click “back to store” on the purchase confirmation page. my steinberg only contains the full version