Not showing entire audio clip length

Hello all
When opening up or adding audio clips to a montage, some audio clips don’t show the full length of the clip, and also the clips look blank, but when you zoom in then you can see the waveforms.

To fix this, I have to inport the files, close & reopen the project to find it’s all working. Is this just a bug or is there something I can do as it’s happening a lot, and I’ve just installed the latest wavelab.

Here are some screen shots of before and after. Note in the first shot the length of the clip. This was the maximum I could extend it, but as you can see on restarting it, it goes from 11min to 45min.

If you open “Clips” view/tab it will show exactly
the clip/wav or selection…

and in the field “Status Bar” it shows the exact selection too…

regards S-EH

Thank you S-EH, I’ll monitor it in the clips tab and take screen shots if the issue happens again.

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