Not sure if this is a WL question or a Mac question...

… but I find that when working in Montage (which is how I always work), when I delete a section within a clip using the Delete key, the remaining section (i.e. to the right of the cut) doesn’t snap to the left & crossfade automatically. I have to drag it into place.

I’m using all the correct settings, and when I go to the Edit menu and select “delete” from there, the snap works. But not when I use the Delete key.

Any insight into this? I’m using a 2010 MacBook Pro.

What WaveLab version are you using? No problem here with 7.2.1

I’m using 7.2.1

Very strange - maybe I’ll re-install and see what happens.


Did you try with fn + Backspace key
same as
“Erase selection and patch up”
in the Focused clip

regards S-EH

Oh my god fn + delete, of course

Thanks very much!