Not Sure What I Purchased

I was on Amazon and bought what I thought was a new copy of WaveLab 8. However now that the box has arrived, I can’t see any version information on the packaging, so I’m not sure of what I got.

I’m wondering if this is actually a full version of WaveLab 8. I’m afraid I might have trouble registering it. Or upgrading to 8.5.
Also, I haven’t opened the package, so I’m wondering if it has the eLicenser in it, or if I still need to order that.

It has a number printed on the bottom (partially obscured by the reseller’s label: 502020160
This looks like a date to me, but maybe not. The label has another number on it, but this may be the reseller’s part number: X000H0H5LB
The character following the first H might be a D, making it: X000HDH5LB

Also, printed on the actual box (inside the shrink wrap) is a small number in the bottom-right corner of the back panel next to the Steinberg logo. It says: 41006967. Though maybe that’s just a printing reference number?

I took a couple photos of the box, I guess I’ll attach them to this post.

Thanks very much for any help you can give me figuring what I’ve purchased.


For the screenshoots that appear on the box seems to be 8, which once installed qualified you to upgrade to 8.5 without any cost.

Upgrade details:

(lower part of page for full WaveLab)

Thank you both for the information. It certainly looks like actual Steinberg packaging, except for the fact that no where on the box is there a version number displayed. I should have uploaded an image of the front of the box. It looks just like a regular package of WaveLab 8 or 8.5, except the number is not there where it should be following the word WAVELAB and above the word Suite.

I was really hoping a Steinberg employee would chime in and answer my question about what this number on the bottom of the package means: 502020160.

Good news!
I finally decided to bite the bullet and open the package, despite the fact that the front of the package didn’t say WaveLab 8 or 8.5 on it.

Once the shrink wrap was removed I was relieved to see that the printing on the bottom of the package did indeed say it was version 8. (This info had been obscured by the reseller’s label). Also the cover of the Quick Start Guide did say it was version 8. Also Steinberg let me register it and also upgrade it to version 8.5, so all my fears about this being some bootleg package were unfounded.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks man. I don’t know about the rest of the guys but I feel better now. :laughing: