Not sure why I get this message on my Cubase??

Hey guys,

I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements 6, and I have registered my product with Soft Elicenser etc, so it is done.

Now I use it solely for the Church to edit the sermons every week.

So it’s not used for recording, just used to edit the sermon and add fade ins/outs.

But I find a message every time I do an Audio Mixdown that says “Until 7 May you have 13 remaining encodings.”

And it decreases with every sermon I do?

Why is that happening if my Cubase has been registered and is original?

I would appreciate the help.

This refers to the mp3 encoder, which is not free. You can switch to Wave in the export dialog.

You have to either buy the MP3 Upgrade Patch or upgrade to Cubase Elements to get unlimited MP3 encodes.