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Hi guys

Im new to this forum and i have to say although 7 looks pretty i dont find it exactly easy to get ya head around it. Ive been trying to record vocals for over a week now and no matter what i do it doesnt record. It shows input in the transport bar the record icon is pressed all the routing looks right yet no recording.,… I used to use 5 and found that a lot easier and this new apparent amazing mixer… apart from the fact you can resize it it seem nothing more than a pretty device which makes life more complicated,… Reason is sounding more interesting to me at this point

C7 is obviously able to perform such basic tasks like recording audio and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how this works. If you’ve been trying to record vox for over a week without success while everybody else is recording without any problems since day 1, then perhaps you should reconsider whether you sitting behind a DAW computer is such a good idea.

that was a usefull comment

ok update, Now that i have finally managed to get the audio input working… (There was a issue with the mixer channel on my soundcard)
I have a small question which i hop someone can answer with something more constructive than the last pointless comment!!!
When using variaudio once i have set analised the pitch and want to move some of the segment i get no audition sound … i used to in c5 so can only assume there a box not ticked or a setting now checked.???

Check out VST Connections, Control Room

I have tried that /…I have adition sound when i try to import a sample say a drum or something else i can listen to them fine. It just seems to be specific to this variaudio. I have turned control room mixer on set the channels and soundcard all sorts and still nothing its driving me mad

When you post questions try to imagine that you are writing to a blind monkey :wink: ,. He needs to be told every detail of what you are looking at. Have a look at a step by step repro in the Issues forum to get an idea of how to describe a problem.

When you ask a question with enough details you will get lots of help.

If you write a post in the Cubase forum complaining that Cubase ain’t good for recording, the new mixer is useless, and that you rather go to Reason cause it seems to be a better choice, spiced up with an info that after trying for a complete week you’re still not able to record your vocals, then you look like a troll and this is the sort of answers that trolls get.

Have you selected input monitor?

Once again if you have nothing useful to say best thing you can do is button it and not bother replying