Not the good Chords in Chord Track

Impossible to create any dim7 chords (Cubase 10.0.15 Pro)
ex :
If I create a Fdim7 Cubase create a Fmin7/b5
If I create a FdimJ7 cubase create a E#dim7
Sometime I create a voicing with voicing fondamentale, but no fondamental.


What’s a difference between dim7 and min7/b5, please? Is it just a different naming?

Maybe you can change it in the Preferences > Event Display > Chords & Pitches? Would this help?

Oupps I made a mistake dim7 and min7/b5 are same chords. Sorry.
But I will check again, yesturday somthing was wrong. I will try again and let you know if something don’t work.


Hi, I just checked again.

Cdim = C Eb Gb
Cdim7 = C Eb Gb A
Cmin7/b5 = C Eb Gb Bb
Let me know if you’r agree with that

When I create a Cdim with Chord Track the result is = C Eb Gb (ok)
When I create Cdim7 The result is = C Eb Gb Bb (a Bb instead of A)

I checked with chord edit. It works correctly. but not the chords track.

When you create the C dim7 it is creating the Cmin7/b5 or HALF diminished chord not FULL diminished which is the diminished triad plus a diminished 7 which in this case would be a Bbb, B double flat (A pitch wise)
Sounds like it is wrong to me. I think Ive seen this issue before that someone has posted about this.

Thanks Shanabit;)

In chord edit (Key Edit mode) a Cdim7 become a B#dim7 not false but out of scale.
To work correctly and create a diminushed chord you must have 4 notes. If you have only 3 chord edit don’t work. Nothing happend. If you have a C7 (4 notes) and select dim7 it work correctly.

Joche you are talking about use the chord editing tools inside the Key Editor, yes?

You can’t change triads into 4 note chords, if thats’ what you’re trying to do.

I’m sorry (for the OT) but I just can’t let this subject line stand unchallenged.

All chords are good, although some may be misunderstood. :laughing:

@-Steve- Yes I was talking about the chord editing. Thanks for the tips. I thought that was another issue

@raino - Let me know Cm7(5b) & Cdim7 are the same chords for you ?

He’s not talking about that. (Hi Raino)

There’s no “for you” argh!
Cmin7b5 is root, minor 3, diminished 5, minor 7.
C diminished is: root, min 3, diminished 5
C diminished 7 is root, min 3, diminished 5, diminished 7

End of story!

Je sais que ya un peu d’un barrier de langage ici- ne t’inquiet pas… on va se debrouiller de ça :wink: