Notable benefits between C6 -> C8 ?

Hi, I’m wondering what some of the bigger gains from working with C8 over C6 are. I mostly work with guitar and bass tracking, making significant use of C6’s amp emulators, effects, and eq controls. I also use C6’s midi drums to supply percussion. I can make heavy use of track lanes.

Here’s a music example of what I use Cubase 6 to accomplish:

Hmmm… the new bass amp fx plugin comes too mind… and the new acoustic agent of Groove Agent 4 SE…

DL the trial and f*ck around and see is my best advise.

Have fun!

I too am on Cubase 6 at the moment and currently giving version 8 a trial.

Best improvements so far are the Mixer, the Bass Amp Plug-in (very good IMHO) and, if you don’t already have Groove Agent 4, Groove Agent 4 SE.

As Vinnie says, give the trial a go and have some fun!

I do not use Groove Agent or anything like that. I use Cubase for recording and mixing.

The bass amp in v8 is cool. But, the big issue I have is that v8 aesthetics are very flat and I have an issue with the fonts.

The ideal upgrade would be to have kept the v6.5 look for everything but swapped in the v8 Mix Console. I like the new Mix Console.