Notaion question

I have Dorico 4. Is it possible to notate this kind of figures attached.
These are seventiplets grouped in 4.
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 20.53.16

Yes, you can create a series of 4:3 tuplets for 16th notes. Dorico won’t beam them together by default, but you can easily select the notes you want to beam together and edit their beaming:

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But why 4:3?

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 09.50.34
Or is it a shorter way to rewrite whole passage(above) to the one in below?

Good point – without seeing the context of the rest of the bar I can’t see what the actual ratio should be. Can you show the complete bar?

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.11.23
It is pretty small. I hope it is seeable.

The two quintuplet examples in your second post are not (mathematically) equivalent: the quarter rest on the top is ¼ worth of ‘time’, the one on the bottom is 1/5. The sounding notes occur on different moments (slightly earlier in the bottom bar).

In the last example, it looks like you also tried to notate ‘big’ quarter-note quintuplets, but didn’t manage. I think what you actually wanted is tuplets of 5:4 over the whole bar. You can achieve that by first choosing quarter note (6) as your input value, then invoke the tuplet popover, and type 5:4. Or, shorter: just type 5:4q in the popover and then enter whatever rhythm you like inside the big quintuplet.

In your first example with the quadruplets ‘inside’ septuplets, there is not enough information to decipher what you intended: what’s the time signature, what’s the underlying rhythm?

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Yes, you are correct- they are not the sam I realised.
However now I have realised that this is what I want-
I would like this passage to be written all in 5:4 and then shifted 1/4 quintuplet to right. I just wonder, if there is a quicker way to rewrite it…

Maybe you’re looking for tuplets spanning a barline?

Just start the big 5:4q quintuplet on the second beat of the 4/4 bar and tick the ‘Spans Barline’ property in the bottom panel, which will become visible when you select the tuplet itself. If you leave this property off, the tuplet will still span the barline, but it will be displayed as two connected partial tuplets, and the notation will become messy again:
Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-05 om 16.35.56

In any case, I’d recommend to also select the ‘Split notes at spanned barline’ property, because otherwise the first beat of the next bar becomes invisible and quite unclear, especially in your case with the tied notes:
Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-05 om 16.39.21

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-05 om 16.43.45

Thank You,!
I didn’t knew these options exist
However, I would like this first pause to be the first 1/4 quontuplet.
But how did you rewrite it?.
With the info I have currently entered, do I have to delete the quintuplet markings and then enter the big quintuplet? Hnm

I have ttransformed the passagge But now, I don’t know how to shift the whole passagge inside the big quintuplet to the right by 1/4 quintuplet, so that it would have a 1/4 5tet pause at the beginning. Any ideas?

Not sure if that’s what you’re aiming at, but Select the phrases you want to movie over press “I” so you don’t intervene with the notes after the notes you selected and press “Option + Right arrow” to move them, adding a quarter rest before the phrase.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Be sure to select “I” again after doing this process so you dont end up shifting everything forward when editing!

Shifting notes horizontally can overwrite other entries (such as your tuplets, not selected). Use chord mode (Q) along with insert mode (I) so that the tuplets don’t get clobbered.