Notating arpeggiated chords

I’m transcribing an old Mendelssohn song (Auf Flugeln des Gesanges) and I’ve run into a situation where there’s an arpeggiated chord that uses ties to a final chord to imply that they’re being held down. I’ve recreated the held notes on the sixteenth note runs but am unsure of how to tie these notes to the final chord on beat 4 (of 6/8). Currently the notes are input as three separate downward pointing voices. Is there a better way to do this? Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Click -->SHIFT + Click the two end notes of the each tie. Then press T.


Untie the G and add the end chord notes to it. Use ctrl-click to select each of your downstem notes in turn and the corresponding note of the chord. Then tie them (T). Repeat for the other notes.

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In the second example, Matt has no chord on beat 4, so nothing to tie to.

Hence my opening instruction…

Dorico is different from other programs in that you don’t tie from a note; instead you tie to the next note or chord. The majority of the time with single ties there’s no practical difference, but here there is. Input the single notes, hit T, then input the chord. All the ties will appear to wherever the previous pitches of the chord occur. (Even if it’s bars or pages before the chord!)

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