Notating repeated notes, alternating hands


I am notating a piano passage in which the same notes are played, in succession, by alternating hands. In my opinion, Debussy has done this in a clear way with his repeated-note etude.

Can Dorico manage this? I don’t recall forcing the stem direction on one of a set of beamed notes having the desired effect. Maybe that wasn’t the right way.

Alternatively, if there are other, equally clear ways to notate what I’m after, I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Thank you!

Off the top of my head, I think this is easy.
Input all of the notes in one voice. Then select the first of each set and go Edit > Change Voice > Downstem Voice 1. Then set a partial beam direction for each of those notes.

Almost. It doesn’t produce the partial beams, unfortunately. But I think it’s pretty clear. (Spacing is crunched because I’m in Galley view)


You can do the partial beams in Dorico.

Select the single note, then right click and do Beam / Beam together.

Not particularly logical, but it works!

Thank you all – I’ll give these steps a shot when I get home this evening.