Notating straight eight notes in swing composition

I have a piece that uses swing eights feel where I would need to notate straight eights in one passage. I can’t figure out how to force two eights with a beam to have a ‘2’ tuplet notation to indicate straight notes?

As a professional jazz musician and composer, 99% of the time, this is just written as:

Str. 8ths: or Str. 8ths --------------

I use the colon when it lasts awhile and then indicate when it goes back to swing. I just do it with the shft-x text popover. When it’s just a few notes, I use the dashed line. I do that with the line tool and use the properties panel to add the “Str. 8ths” text.

And of course, this won’t help playback, but I don’t really worry a ton about that most of time.

Hope this is helpful.

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For playback, you can type “straight” into the tempo popover.