Notating synthetizers

I do not own Dorico yet, but I´m deffinitely considering buying it.
I´m very interested in synthetizers so I just wonder if there is some
special tool for notating modulation, oscilators, efects, etc in Dorico.


Martin, welcome to the forum. One of the aces in the hole is probably the custom playing techniques editor. You can customize a whole arsenal of symbols and notations, which can be triggered by any custom input syntax you wish. Here’s a link: How to Use the Playing Techniques Editor in Dorico Pro | Getting Started with Dorico 2 - YouTube

You could also use glissando lines (hiding the “gliss”) or trill lines to indicate mods.

I don’t think there’s really much convention for synth notation, but you could easily create a descriptive preface to instruct the player on the meaning of the different symbols you choose.

In future we plan to add features for showing various kinds of lines to show things like oscillators and filter values over time, but Dorico doesn’t have any features like that at the moment.

Thank you for responses. I appreciate it.
And If I buy Dorico now, will be these features available in form of downloadable additional updates in future.

They will be available in the future, yes, but if you buy Dorico now you should not expect to receive those features at no extra cost: when a major new version of Dorico is released, existing users have to pay an update fee if they want to download it, unless they first activated the previous version of the software within four weeks of the release date of the new version.

Ok, got it. Thank you.

Hi bleble I recently purchased Dorico and the first ensemble project I am typesetting in it includes a synth. I am finding the software fantastic so far. For things like filters and LFOS I have been using ossai staffs. The implementation of ossai staffs in Dorico is by far the best I have seen and it makes this specific task much easier.