notation convention: trill

This a question regarding how to indicate the interval for a trill.

Dorico puts a natural sign above the trill if I specify an interval of “2” regardless of the note that the trill is above. That is, if I want a trill between Db and Eb, and I specify a 2 for a whole step, it still registers a natural above the trill – should it not be a flat sign here? Or do I have the notation convention wrong?


Dear ashert,
The team has already explained that the current implementation with trills is not finished. It does not play nor seems logical — as you point out. But it allows us to input trills with the accidental that we need. It has been said (I don’t want to waste any time searching for those old threads) that it would be much improved in due time, I’m confident we all will be pleased when our super team will work on that area!

Indeed, what Marc just said. The current implementation is a temporary solution. The good news is that I am about to start working on the planned improvements of trills.

More good news. Thanks András.

Thank you.