Notation Express for Dorico 4 is out

I’d get the XL if you enough space and can afford it. The more buttons, the better. And there’s also a beautiful customized layout for Sibelius, by the way.

The last time I looked though they were in short supply so you may have to shop around to see if they are still available.

I have made my custom page on a Stream Deck XL with the buttons (functions) I use the most. Therefore I don’t have to switch pages very often. Very easy to copy a button from one page to your custom page in the Stream Deck App.
I got used to the Stream Deck. Therfore I don’t use the Jump bar very often at the moment …

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Thanks for reminding me of this thread.

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I keep this one open in my browser all the time!

Can’t make either SD, SD XL or SD Mini work.
Latest Soft and Firmware on all.
Authorized Remote Control on port 4560 (but no client showing in that window).
I had the first popup asking if Dorico should allow external remote when the profile intalled…
Rebooted, of course.

Worst, since the update BarRaider Stopwatch is broken.
Total mess and loss of functions.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but did you try unplugging the SD and plugging it back in again?

That should work, alternatively shut down Stream Deck (right-click on the tray icon and really “Exit” the program completely, then start it again. That usually fixes it for me. These connection problems are not easy to reproduce reliably, but the team are looking into it, and they seem to have a lead, so that should be fixed soon.

Boffin here. We’re doing our best to keep up.

Amazing to see this thing in action. Thanks for all the kind words and patience.

We have a lead on the connection issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible. As others have stated, for now, please quit Stream Deck and relaunch it while Dorico is running, and that should fix it nicely, until the next time you relaunch Dorico, at which point you’ll need to do it again.

Reminds me a little of the old Rewire thing where you had to open the applications in a certain order for one to talk to the other. Of course, we want to fix it properly so it doesn’t need to be like that, but that’s the essence of it for now.


I disconnected SD,
I uninstalled/reinstalled Dorico 4 profile
I killed all background processes
No luck so far.

No need to kill anything, except you quit the Streamdeck app. When Dorico is up and running, start the Streamdeck app. It should work (at least it does here).

A Windows user has just reported success: “worked beautifully after I REALLY killed StreamDeck, i.e. also from system tray.”

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Yes, agreed, no need to kill any other background process, I don’t think.

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I can confirm this with Windows 21H2. After removing StreamDeck from the system tray and restarting it this window pops up


Allowing the connection the app works as expected. Closing and restarting Dorico requires the same procedure.

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Thanks, Juerg, for documenting this.

Hey Philip:

Hope you are well. I installed the upgrade version for Dorico 4 (windows 10) and it’s working well, but I noticed that a lot of buttons in the submenu are question marks. Are those going to be filled in later?


I will investigate further, but for now, it just don’t work.
No matter if I close the app, kills everything, reboot…
Strangely, Dorico noticed there was a connection request for remote control…
I guess it’s halfway there!

Peter, you need to install the plugin as well, included in the package. Please see the documentation provided, and also this video.

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Thanks Philip.

This is like magic! the buttons are so beautiful, I could just press them all day long for the hell of it. :slight_smile:

And I love how it automatically switches back and forth between Sibelius and Dorico.

Special thanks from my right arm (still recovering after shoulder surgery last week).

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Thank you! Yes, it is working for me too now.
I did not realize that I shoulg go to ctrl alt delete and kill the process entirely.
Working fine now.

Do we have to do this every time we start Dorico?

Unfortunately yes, for the moment. The teams are on it though, so hopefully this won’t be necessary for too long.