Notation Express - What shortcuts have you added?

I kept putting it off but while testing some expression maps the other day I got into using Notation Express on my Stream Deck XL for the first time. I’m amazed how useful it is. How have others found it and what shortcuts have you added?

I actually have 2 streamdecks I use in my dorico workflow, one XL and one 6 button (which lives right next to the num pad of my keyboard)—both using layouts based on the most recent API version of Notation Express.

My memory isn’t great, but based on the buttons using custom icons, I believe these are the ones I’ve added:

  • Toggle Signposts
  • Toggle System Track
  • Open Library Manager
  • Remove all stems
  • Remove all lyrics
  • Zoom (3 buttons… 150, 300, and 1600%)
  • Avoid Text Collisions
  • Reset horizontal spacing
  • Reset staff spacing
  • No Time Signature
  • Flip all slurs up (but I later discovered this can be set in Engraving Options)
  • Trim Flow
  • Change notehead to quillisma

I then have copied over the default buttons that pertain to the project I’m working on.

I couldn’t imagine using Dorico without a Streamdeck… such a fantastic pairing.

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Thank you for your list. In addition to Notation Express I’m using the Stream Deck with a SideshowFX profile to manage Reaper projects plus a mass of shortcuts of my own design. Thanks again.

I’d be interested to know how you’ve set this up, if it’s not too much trouble. Obviously you’re tapping into an alternate notehead set, but what did you tell streamdeck to do?

Yep—that’s what I did. This is the command I send from the streamdeck—


Just picked something I’d never use, created a button for the StreamDeck with a quillisma on it, and it’s super handy to use.

For my workflow, I keep my left hand on the midi keyboard, and my right hand on the number pad, and then I have a StremDeck 6-button unit right next to the number pad that has 4 barlines (tick, short, normal, double), quillisma, and trim flow—and, coupled with my chant template, and the beauty of Dorico’s open meter, I can input plainsong-style, five-line chant super quickly—catching the mini StreamDeck buttons with my pinky. I have the XL to the left of the midi keyboard for larger actions.

I hate it when I’m at a client site and have to just use a laptop. Since Dorico was designed for that, it’s certainly better than Finale, but my workflow is so improved by the StreamDeck…

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What streamdeck shortcuts do you use to enter this command.
Super macro or other
I never got there

I use Notation Express.

I don’t understand the procedure

ok but I’m on windows