Notation Express XL Stream Deck Profile for Dorico 4 vs previous versions

Got the Stream Deck XL when it was on sale a few weeks ago, but finally had time to get around to setting it up. (Older 3x5 SD going to my wife’s office.) Without access to the API, I just hacked in shortcuts to things that didn’t have a way to assign keycommands, but things seem to be working pretty well!

Some commands are more complicated than they appear. Creating a rehearsal mark and a double barline simultaneously is pretty simple, but Select All / Filter / Breaks / Copy / Navigate to next Layout / Paste, like the bottom left button, is a bit more involved. The 1st and 2nd x only commands not only suppress playback of the music, but also create the text on the top staff of the selection, which can then easily be Alt clicked down. The thing that looks like a blank bar is my own “blank notation” command, a Slash region with the small slashes, where the small slashes have been redefined to be nothing. I already have System Breaks set to work in Write mode, and numpad+1 starts a 3:2 triplet so I obviously didn’t need those programmed. Anyway, I’m going to give this setup a try for a while and see which get used and which don’t.

Does anyone have any other favorite SD commands?

Grace note is a handy SD command for me. I assume that your various tuplets are on an on/off multi action toggle which is a great help.

They just start tuplet input. Typically during input my right hand doesn’t leave the numpad, so numpad 2 is set to stop tuplet input. (Numpad 1 is 3:2 triplet)

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I wish I knew about API and how to use with SD

I DID have a sort of hack someone had posted that allowed the auto-creation of “touch 4th” harmonics (instead of the auto harmonics creating 8ve harmonics.)

But an update, I don’t know if it was a Dorico update, or a SD update, rendered it non-functional.

So I am stuck having to open the bottom panel again to insert harmonics when I write for strings in an orchestral context.

(very frustrating that guitar writing takes precedence)

Yes. But even more frustrating that Dorico still disallows some perfectly valid violin/viola/cello harmonics.

Almost anything that is in the bottom panel can be hacked into your user keycommands file. Before you click the bottom panel settings go to Script / Start Recording Macro. Make your bottom panel selections, then go to Script / End Recording Macro. Give the resulting file a name and save it. Open the file in a text editor and you should be able to view the commands for the actions you just did in the bottom panel. Those commands can then be added to your user keycommands file following the syntax of the existing commands. (Make a backup first.)


you’re asking someone who could burn icecubes and accidentally put the vacuum cleaner in reverse to “hack” something?

hate to inform you, but it ain’t gonna happen.


Has anyone successfully connected their Stream Deck to Dorico via WebSocket? (ws:// I can connect fine when using Postman, but I’m not sure how to complete the handshake with the Stream Deck, when I can’t figure out how to see the sessionToken that Dorico sends back to it. I can send the connect message fine, and can click and accept it in Dorico, I just can’t see the sessionToken that Dorico then sends back, so obviously can’t accept it. That info doesn’t seem to be in the application.log file either.

If anyone has successfully done this, I’d love to know how!

@FredGUnn , just to be sure I’m following: are you saying that a recorded macro can be added to Stream Deck? I would love, love, love to be able to do this for switching global/local editing!

That wasn’t what I was asking in the question above, but yes, you can! In Dorico, you need to assign a keycommand to Run Script. Make sure when you use it that it is opening the folder that contains your macros. In the Stream Deck software, assign a Multi Action to one of the buttons. Drag a Hotkey to the Multi Action and give it the keycommand you previously assigned to Run Script. Then drag a Text action to the Multi Action after the Hotkey. In the Text box, type the name of your macro, then click the checkbox next to “Press Enter after message.” It works fine!

I have simply just hacked in a bunch of keycommands for various Properties panel actions, among other things, but have just been using them as Multi Actions in the SD.

I was attempting to have my SD communicate with Dorico directly with commands through a WebSocket connection, but so far have failed as I’m not sure how to complete the “handshake” using the SD software. In other software like Postman I can communicate with Dorico fine, so there’s just a issue with receiving the sessionToken in SD that I have to figure out.

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