Notation for electronics and solo flute

Hi everyone ! I’m working on a piece for flute and live electronics, and I’m trying to have a similar layout to Kaija Saariaho Petals (see attached score). Is it possible in Dorico?? In the electronics section for players I get the regular staff with treble clef, I’d like to work around that somehow?

Oof. I believe this isn’t possible (or at least an unreasonable faff) currently in Dorico. You are best to create the cello part and then export to pdf and edit in something like Adobe Illustrator

It might save you some time if you create a percussion staff for each sampler line you have with a single line and use it to create things like the hairpins if you want them and any other musical symbols that would be easier in Dorico. Then you can just delete the staves in Illustrator (or other vector program) - you will have to drill into the pdf layers for find the stave lines.

(I used to do this sort of thing all the time and was not much easier in Sibelius to be honest, having said that not being able to hide stave lines in Dorico is a problem)

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You can have an invisible clef, that bit is easy. There’s also a JSON hack for a 0-line staff if you search the forum. So in short… yes, this can be done.


I stand corrected - I haven’t gone so far as to hack the json files yet…

okay I see ! Thanks I’ll check out Adobe Illustrator, never used that before unfortunately!

You’ll have to pay for Adobe Illustrator. Check out Inkscape which is a free open source program. It’s quite popular.

I find Inkscape very difficult to use. Affinity Designer is pretty cheap and works well.


But wait for the Black Friday Sale (30% off) coming up soon…