Notation in Cubase - ADD STAVES

I’m currently composing for a school assignment that also requires me to notate my composition in full. I’m using Cubase Essentials 5, Education edition and can’t figure out how to add more staves to the score. When I first open cubase and select the scoring option, it gives me a range of templates to choose from, the largest of which being the String Quintet. However I require seven staves in total for my score. Can someone please tell me how I can add another two?

A single Staff is directly related to its MIDI track (with the exception that, via the MIDI menu>Scores>Staff Settings, you can also set a track to display a “split” grand stack, piano-style).
So, depending upon what you need, you’ll probably want to launch the existing String Quintet template, then create another two MIDI tracks in the Project window (best to close the Score Editor window first), create Parts on those new tracks, then select all seven Parts and open the Score Editor again.

Thanks for the the quick reply!
I’m pretty new to using cubase - how do you create a part to the new midi tracks? I see that the tracks already set up in the string quintet score have blank, shaded areas and the tracks I have just added show only the white background of the recording screen. I tried copying the shaded area from another midi track to the two new tracks, but that didn’t give me more staves in the score editor. It actually got rid of all but one. So how do you create a “part” on a midi track?

mmm… you know, it wouldn’t hurt to spend just half an hour with the “Getting Started” documentation :wink:
If everything is installed correctly, you should find that in the Help menu>Documentation. (with all due respect, you should at least know how to create Parts. You create Parts by using the pencil tool, or by setting Left and Right Locator then double-clicking in that area on the selected track.)
It sounds like you did succed in copying the Parts, but the reason you didn’t see all the new Parts in the Score, is simply that you hadn’t Selected them before opening the Score Editor… All the Editors only show what is selected.

Thanks for all the help - got the staves to show up and all looks great.
I did have a pretty good look in a Cubase 5 manual that I found somewhere online to try and find something to do with adding staves and it was only after I couldn’t find anything there that I came to the forum. Most of my use of Cubase so far has been simple audio and midi tracking and a bit of mixing, so I haven’t found the need to create a part before.
Thanks again - the help is much appreciated!