Notation Inquiry

Hi there!

I’m wondering, I have this score, and it uses the pictured notation to indicate a sort of dynamic pulsing that repeats. It’s a very effective and simple thing that allows the performer to quickly and easily understand what to do (provided the minimal style-indicating text above), and I’m wondering if there is a way to type this into the Dorico text insert in my score? Is there a font that I could use that would give me specific notation markings versus letters and numbers? If you could help me out, that’d be awesome! Though, no problems with anything here, so no rush!

You could do an even better looking representation that will handle nicely by building a new playing technique. You can do a composite from the glyphs in Bravura. Check back if you’re having trouble navigating Dorico’s menus to do so and we’ll walk you through it!

If you look at the SMUFL glyphs ( you can copy and paste symbols into text as you wish. Setting the font to “Bravura text” will probably work better than “Bravura.” The characters in the font are the same, but the baselines etc are designed for use in text rather than creating music notation.

An alternative is to make a playing technique. If you choose “glyph” instead of “text” you can assemble characters from the font as you wish. This is a rough version using “repeats” and “dynamics” characters from Bravura. (Apologies for getting the hairpins the wrong way round!)

Of course making the playing technique play back is a different question :slight_smile:
Edit playing technique.png

Thank you very much! I didn’t get an email that I received a response, so I just got this, but this is extremely helpful! Thank you!