Notation: Non-bracket tuplet over beamed notes with different duration

Is this an old notation style that is not used anymore?

By default Dorico makes
(but it can easily be adjusted).

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If it’s clear without the bracket (and I think it is), you can omit it. I don’t think it’s ‘old’ notation.


I also don’t think it’s an old notation style, it looks right for me.

It’d be great if Dorico featured curved tuplet brackets… I think it’s been already requested.


Actually I find the original engraving somewhat unclear. The 3 isn’t quite centered on the 16ths, nor on the whole beam, sorta halfway between. When you hide the bracket in Dorico the number centers nicely, which in turn makes the bracket unnecessary IMO.

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Perhaps the Dorico Team could consider this as an Engraving setting, in addition to

It just struck me that the Dorico bracket is not symmetrical. The right part is a little longer.

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That’s because it aims to enclose the noteheads, which I suppose it should. Unfortunately it looks unavoidably asymmetrical on the stem-side.

In the 19th century it seems the convention was to show a tuplet number (with no bracket, and even if no slur) on the notehead side.

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Engraving Options->Tuplets


I have this settings set.

Try the left one


After some close-up…

There seems to be no setting for the distance to the first note. Left and right “padding” would be nice to have as settings.

The horizontal red lines are the same length and show that the hooks are not symmetrical (independent of Tuplet bracket end position)

Don’t think that’s quite as conclusive as you think it is. Typesetting is generally done with optical, not geometric spacing. I agree this is not ideal in this case, but there are. many cases where geometrically even will actually look worse, especially once you start throwing things like accidentals into the mix.

I would align the bracket exactly with the stems if I were writing it like this. I used to adjust brackets that way in Sibelius frequently (before it offered the option to suppress the bracket on a tuplet beamed to other notes).

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Also, it may be the case that you want brackets displayed elsewhere in the project, so you can turn them off at a local level by selecting the tuplet and adjusting it in the properties panel.

Yes, it is easy to turn off, but I think a “padding” setting would be very nice to have as default. I think there is a need for the same “padding” before the first note as there area after the last note, with symmetrical “hooks”.

With a bigger span, it is harder to see the asymmetrical hooks;

but I think it would benefit from a small padding at the start.

I meant you can turn off the brackets all together at the local level, not manipulate the brackets themselves (which of course you can do in engrave mode with the handles).

Can you change all brackets in a piece at the same time?
Do you “select all, filter Tuplets, change setting” or is there some other way?

Yes, you can do that (set properties this way, that is) but if you’re going to do that, then just use the engraving options mentioned above.

But there is no engraving setting for “only digit”? That is only in the Properties panel?

“only when necessary” will not display them on beamed notes.

Brackets are still necessary for things like quarter or half-note triplets. If you still don’t want even those, then you can select all of the instances and suppress them in via the properties panel, but this doesn’t seem terribly prudent unless its glaringly obvious.