Note bracketing lost in notes tied over system break

I have a long sustained string note which I have put in rounded brackets to show it is optional. When the notes tie across a system break, they lose the rounded brackets. Is this a known problem?

What happens if you cut all the ties, select the notes that should be tied, apply the rounded brackets, select the first note, and press T repeatedly until the notes are tied again?

I would have thought it’d make more sense to select a notehead in Engrave mode, Select More, then set the property once.

You’re right, that is easier.

How’s this for irony: as soon as I cut each note in the second and third systems off from the initial system with notes bracketed, brackets appeared on the individual notes and remained as I reapplied the ties. Glad to have my situation solved, but still a little mystified.

Thank you, Leo and John.