Note by note entry using keyboard

Hello everyone,

I apologize as I’m sure this is a pretty rudimentary question. Finale has this entry mode I’m sure some of you are familiar with where you can enter notes using a midi keyboard and hotkeys on your computer keyboard to change note duration - this is not done in realtime, instead the playhead advances to the next note based on the duration of the note you just entered. I was wondering if something similar can be rigged up in Cubase.

What I’d like to do is put the playhead where I want to start entering a passage, select quarter note length on the grid for example using a hotkey, and then hit a key on my midi keyboard to enter the pitch at that duration. The playhead would then advance to the end of of the note I just entered, and I could select duration and pitch again. All of this would be outside of realtime so you could burn through a passage quickly by just choosing note pitches and durations between a midi keyboard and hotkeys. In Finale, it’s a pretty cool way to enter in handwritten parts quickly, and for your DAW it would just be a huge timesaver if you’re going to be sequencing a part anyways instead of playing live.

Gives you the step input…but no easy way to switch note durations.
You might be able to combine this with key commands for set next and set previous quantise values?

Perfect! That’s exactly what I was looking for. The Cubase key binding menu is pretty robust so I’m sure I can figure out the rest between that or macros if needed.

Thanks for the help!