Note change when i try to record Groove Agent

Hi to you all at the forum,

I’ve a problem I cannot troubleshoot… That’s what’s happen:

I’ve bought my Cubase Elements 9 upgrade, installed it fine with my audio and midi configured and working; the problem is when I try to record Groove Agent, if I arm the track for recording I can hear the correct sounds from the plugin but when I hit records, the pads on my controller play different sounds and so for the recording…

I’ve a Akai MPK mini 2 as a midi controller and I’m trying it with Live Intro 10 and Studio One 3 and it works without problems. I’m using both Mac and Windows and I’ve done all about configurations and so on… I’m using music software since a very long time and I think I’m pretty expert but I cannot figure out to troubleshoot this…

Is there anyone had this same issue? Any idea?

Thanks in advice for any help