Note coloring with a mind of its own

This is not a big deal, just odd, and I’m curious.
I have erased and re-drawn this chord several times just to see what would happen. Different notes come up colored violet, and I have no clue why.

Notes will appear violet if they can’t be assigned to a string on a fretted instrument. If you think all of the notes in your chord are playable, you may need to give Dorico a hand: select each notehead in the chord in turn and activate the String property in the Properties panel, and assign the desired string to each note.

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This is interesting.
Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 3.59.13 PM
The other string indicators make sense, but I don’t understand the 0 associated with the pink note for E. I would expect the string indicator for E to be 4.
This is causing me no trouble, nor do I expect it to. It’s just an oddity.

Well, Dorico can’t assign that note to a string automatically, so the string indicator won’t make any sense until you fix it up such that it’s valid.

If you attach the score here we can take a look - I’m assuming that you’ve set some sort of custom tuning here so it’s possible that something’s gone wrong in defining that.

Are you using a cappo? Normally, the open string would be a D not an E.

Doug :slight_smile: