Note correction of recorded audio?

Cubase LE 9.5: Okay, so I know that Vari-audio plug-in is only in the pro version. And I’m not wanting to do vocal “pitch correction”, I’m wanting to simply correct one or two bad notes (a semi-tone in length) of, say, an otherwise perfect guitar solo. Based upon my search attempts, “pitch correction” is not the correct terminology. Regardless, years ago in Adobe Premier, I remember being able to select an area, plot a couple of dots, and drag the existing note/pitch to wherever I want. I’m a newbie to Cubase and to recording in general after many years. To the best of my knowledge, I have exhausted any options available in LE including trying to stretch a previous note without moving the entire score (unsuccessfully), copy/paste other segments over what I’m trying to correct, etc. Nothing I have tried has been acceptable to me and has seemed overly complicated. All youtube videos seem to either address vocal pitch correction, editing of internal midi/VST instruments, or use of plug-ins available only in the pro version. SO - my question/s: 1.) Am I overlooking something obvious and available in LE? Or 2.) Any work-arounds I may have overlooked? 3.) If necessary, Is there a VST plug-in I can purchase (or download for free) that is compatible with LE?

You can try something like Waves Tune or Melodyne. But the best result would be to record it right or record the note in the correct pitch and then edit it in.
Afaik there is really no default option in your Cubase version.