Note Dependent Score Symbols Move to Next Staff Even Though Inserted Correctly

I have a piece in 12/8. I need to add arpeggio strum symbols on the last two 8th notes. I’m able to do that, and even export a .pdf with the arpeggio symbols in the right place. But when the page gets reloaded, the arpeggio symbols are now at the beginning of the following measure. This happens for any symbols entered for beats 11 and 12. I tried changing to 3/4 time, but the same thing happens on beat 3.

I’m using Cubase 9.5 on Mac OS 10.13. It’s the latest operating system that works on my computer, which I need to keep to continue to use my Steinberg MR816 audio interface . I need it because it has the reverb built in so I don’t get latency and can record enough tracks at once for my live recording sessions.

Any ideas as to what could be going wrong?

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Could you please attach the before and after screenshots?

This shows the symbols where placed and exported to .pdf

This shows what happened when the page reloaded. The arpeggio symbols inserted on beat 12 moved to the next staff. I tested throughout the document, and any arpeggio symbol inserted from beat 10 to 12 ended up at the beginning of the next measure. But symbols in the Note Symbols menu, such as down and up bow marks, stayed where entered after saving or moving to another page. Symbols in the Line/Trill menu moved to the next measure if inserted on beats 10 through 12.

Sorry I can’t reproduce.
A project file copy showing this behavior could be useful.
You can remove any irrelevant events (notes) from the project.

Below is a screen shot of the measure with the arpeggio symbols entered by clicking on the notes and then moved so they don’t cover the note:

And then I’ve attached the project file, which when loaded on my computer moves the arpeggio symbols to the next staff…

I used polyphonic voicing to get the guitar part to have stems in the right direction, or at least close. It was recorded using a MIDI guitar with the first string on channel one and the sixth string on channel six. Unfortunately, if I use six channels, it automatically puts two in bass clef, and I read in The Complete Guide to Music Technology using Cubase 9.5 that the way around this is to use only four channels. I had to experiment a tremendous amount with channel and score settings on each and every measure to get the notes the right lengths and with stems pointed in the right direction. Sometimes what I wanted to do was impossible as I tried every mathematical possibility. It’s possible that the problem could be something to do with what I had to do with the channels and score settings to get it to work as a guitar part in treble clef only. Or it could just be a bug.

At first when I entered the arpeggio symbols, their position was showing in the info line. But at some point in my experiments, the position stopped showing. When the position was showing it showed the arpeggio symbols entered exactly on the correct beat. And yet the symbols still moved to the next line as they have here. Not sure why the position stopped showing.

Here’s the project file with just three measure and most notes deleted because this composition is not yet released:
Rasa Flamenca 20 Flamenco Guitar Project File.cpr (1.1 MB)

I checked your file.
The arpeggio symbol actually needs at least one note in voice 1 otherwise it will move to the next note present in voice 1 when you reopen the score.
Is this normal? Certainly not, but at least now you know what’s going on and you can rectify.


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Thanks for figuring this out. The fact that arpeggio symbols are tied to voice 1 should definitely be added to page 110 of the Cubase 9.5 Score Layout and Printing manual in the section titled “About note-dependent symbols.” From my work so far, it seems that other symbols in the Line/Trill menu of the Symbols Inspector may have other idiosyncrasies that should be documented.