Note duration indication to cursor

It would be a lot easier to keep track of what note duration you are working with currently if it would be updated in the cursor (now shows a quarter note always).

Ok. This horse has been beaten to death… Like three years ago.
What the caret shows is the voice. The left panel, if you leave it open (cmd/ctrl7) shows the rhythmic value chosen (quite in detail). If you’re interested in this topic, search for that dead horse in the forum :wink:

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Sorry for digging up the horse. I know that the caret now shows the voice and I know I can see the note value in the left panel. But why can the caret not show both? I’m looking at the caret location when inputting notes. Constantly checking in the left panel if I have the right note duration is a nuiscance.

Mainly because some values (whole note) would not give you the information about the stem direction…
And since it’s so easy to lengthen/shorten notes (alt-shift-arrows) or midify after-the-fact (with local insert mode, for instance), the nuisance is really contained :wink:

With a whole note you would just detach the stem to still be able to indicate voice. But if this is just my preference I’ll let the horse rest.

…and at least I have trouble easily changing ex. eight note to a triplet without the change pulling in notes from the next beat and it all ends up in a mess.