Note edit, pitch

I’m curious why you can’t edit pitches with the MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard when you’re in Write edit mode?

You can edit rhythm, but pitch seems to only be edited with the alt-arrow commands? Am I missing something? It seems like you should be able to change the pitch of an existing note with the keyboard, but that isn’t happening.

Hit L to go into Lock Duration Mode. Then you can use your MIDI keyboard to replace the pitches of existing notes.

You can. Activate the caret, as you would to enter notes step by step, and activate Lock to Duration (L).

Now, the pitch of the note immediately to the right of the caret will follow what you play on the keyboard.

(edit, guess we typed at the same time…:wink: )

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed this. Another great design choice by Dorico – it avoids the Sibelius problem of having a note selected that you’re not aware of, and you change the pitch inadvertently when jamming on the keyboard. Excellent – thanks for the quick responses!