Note entry: selected note navigation

I hate making FR’s as you get so many, but this is a small thing maybe that would make note entry even better. It’s about the selected last note you just entered, which can be edited around even though the caret has moved on to the next note. This is a clever feature I constantly use. Via the caret you are ready to move on to the next note but if you make a mistake, or change your mind, the last one can be altered without breaking out of the editing flow.

I’m wondering if that capability could be extended a little bit, in that if you (for example) hold down the control key and then arrow key around, it navigates the stack of notes you entered. Control (on Mac) appears to be unused … take this simple case

If Ctrl-back/forward could navigate back to the F#, E and F# and forward again, just changing the selected note, while keeping the caret active as it is, that would be perfect. Then the normal note editing can occur on a previous note if I want to nudge something earlier. If I enter a new note at the caret then of course the selection should go back to default of the note just entered.

This is an interesting idea, which we’ll think about. We don’t have any spare modifiers available on Windows, but perhaps this is the kind of thing where we could implement the feature but not assign shortcuts, leaving it to those who want to use it to choose shortcuts for it. No promises, but we’ll think about it in due course.


Alternate use case with chord entry, often they don’t come in precisely together but as two (rarely three for me) blocks. And inevitably you realize you got a wrong note but it ended up in the first block, so you have to rewind backwards twice and do it again. My hand keeps wanting to just arrow the selection back to the first block. Sometimes I just arpeggiate the chords in for whatever reason which would benefit from selection movement even more.