Note Erase


I want to start off by saying that I appreciate working with Cubase. I was stubborn moving into the software world, from my MPC4000, because i was so productive with it. I did not want to be overwhelmed with mouse clicks and selections among the issues that come with general purpose OS’s. I have played with other DAW’s but Cubase has been home for me.

I wanted to make a couple feature requests:

I would like to see real-time note erase in Cubase. I believe that working with MIDI is pretty comprehensive in Cubase, but there seems to be an area missing that allows for real-time editing of recorded MIDI data. I see operators working on data before it is recorded and operators transforming recorded data, but no operators that allow modifying recorded data in real-time. On the MPC’s, I hit record and play notes into the sequencer. Sometimes there are specific notes that I don’t like, so while I am still in record, I hold the erase button and the note(s) that I want erase at the time that I want them erased and they are removed. This would be assignable to a button. This would definitely allow me to not have to open the editor and play the ‘daw’ like I do the MPC.

Another request that may be a question if it is possible, is to map the tap tempo to a button so that I can easily tap a tempo and it reflect in the daw. Currently, everytime that I would like to tap tempo, it is a 3-step process, when if I was able to map it to a button, I could just tap it in.

So far Cubase has been very helpful in my efforts to remotely control it as easily as I do hardware. I think that these two features would be a big help to me in my process. The more that I can control from my controller the happier I will be. Thank you for your time and I hope you can be of help.


I have an idea for the implementation of this idea. If we are able to assign a button to the erase tool, or the draw tool, we could use those buttons for real-time erase or note repeat/drawing.

Also, is there a way to assign a button to the tap tempo function, so that we do not have to dig into the menu?

Thank you for your time again!

The attached shows a Macro that will do this. Build it on your DAW and assign it to a Keystroke, rev your engines & start deleting.

delete under cursor.jpg

Thanks for the reply! I will try this!