Note Expression Affects All Notes?

I’m using an EastWest Orchestra library. If I apply a pitch bend or volume fade to a single note, a higher pitch one for example, then it affects all lower pitch notes beneath it, also bending the note and fading the volume.

Note Expression seems pretty straight forward according to the official Cubase video and when I click on the Note Expression influenced note with the arrow tool, I hear the work I have done to it and if I click any other note, it sounds fine, but upon realtime playback, it indeed does affect all of the other notes it overlaps.

Is this solvable?

The pitch and the other features in Cubase Note Expression have to be supported by the plugin, so, for example, You can’t use the midi microtuner or hermode tuning with Kontakt, and the Note Expression pitch bend command just behaves as an ordinary PB bending everything on its channel.

It cannot be resolved for a plugin that does not support Note Expression.

I.e. that Pitch Bend or Volume fade will affect the entire MIDI channel if the plugin you are using does not support NE, as Steve pointed out.

Anyways, I do not use EW/Soundsonline but it appears they do not support the newer VST3 standard and therefor not NE. There were a number of members suggesting NE support at the end of 2012, but I saw no company replies, and as you can see the thread is now closed.

Good to know. Your responses answered my question. Thanks!

Don’t forget that you CAN use Note Expression with instruments that do not support it if they are multi-timbral, such as Kontakt. I am still using C6.5 but check your manual, in the Note Expression section, for a paragraph titled, “Distrubuting notes to different channels” for the details.

Thanks, Jaslan! That totally works. Anyone that wants a workaround to do single note expressions for the EastWest VST, I’ll paste it below. Will work with any VST that allows you to assign instruments to different channels.

Distributing notes to different channels

If you do not have a VST 3 instrument, but still want to use the Note Expression functions, proceed as follows:

1.Add a multi-timbral instrument, open its control panel, and assign the same sound to different channels.

2.In the Inspector for the corresponding MIDI track, make sure the MIDI output pop-up menu is set to “Any”.

3.Enable the “MIDI as Note Expression” button and record or enter MIDI notes with expression as needed.

4.On the MIDI menu, open the Note Expression submenu and select “Distribute Notes to MIDI Channels”.
This will distribute the MIDI notes to different channels (starting at channel 1).

5.Edit Note Expression for each note independently without controller conflicts.

I’m still getting used to figuring out how many instances of the same instrument I have to add on different channels as it seems to mute notes with no expression data, so there may be some workaround, I’m finding I have to add expression data to the unaffected notes to bring their volume up if that is the channel I am affecting.

Still totally worth doing over having to duplicate a midi track and delete the notes off of the original track that you’d be tweaking in the duplicated track.