Note expression and Halion Sonic - not functioning Help!"

Am I making a simple mistake?

I have Halion Sonic loaded, with " First Contact" the default sound. I have gone into the Key Editor and clicked on a note, the square panel opens. I try to draw in some controller data using the pencil tool, the pencil tool behaves funny.

If I try to draw controller data in the box I can only get a horizontal line no slopes. If I try to draw controller data in the old fashioned cotroller lane its all working fine. Quantize is set ti 1/16 so should not be the issue.

I also tried it with Halion Orchestra strings and a synth marked ‘note expression’ I had this working yesterday!

Any clues please?


Bump still not working - hope its not a b*g!

You have apparently activated the “One Shot” button (the little “diamond” at the top-left of the note’s note-expression window).

HI Vic! hope you are well. I remmber you from posts about Cubase 5 expression maps :wink:

Hope everythnig is well with you

thank you

Yes you have sorted me out - still learning this stuff.


(Nice to “see” you again :slight_smile: )