Note expression and key switches

Is it possible to setup key switches in note expression?

I’m currentley using Trilian and omnisphere and would like to be able to use the keyswiches with note expression. That way the articulation (or part/what ever) would follow the note.

I know that you can set up Note expression so that it will distribute each note to a differnt chanel in oder to allow you to use non vst3 multi timbral instruments with note expression, but I can’t find out a way to do this manually?

"Distibuting notes to different channels
If you do not have a vst 3 instument, but still want to use Note expression functions, proceed as follows…

  1. Add a multi timbral-instrument, open its control panel and assign the same sound to differnt channels.

  2. In the inspector for the corrisponding MIDI track, make sure the MIDI output pop up menu is set to any.

  3. Enable the “MIDI as note expression” button and record or enter MIDI notes with expression as needed.

  4. On the MIDI menu, open the Note expression sub menu and select “Distribute notes to MIDI channels”
    This will distribute the MIDI notes to different channels starting fom channel 1.

  5. Edit each note idependently without controller conflicts."

I’ve tried setting Live mode in trilain to respond to midi cc as key switches, but cant seem to get it working right. Perhaps if someone has had some sucsess with this they could give me some pointers

I’ve been using expression maps, but find them a bit unstable, not sure whether this is a bug with the vst though or if its a Cubase issue. plus if I move the timing of the midi after I’ve set the articulation I’ll need to adjust the timing of the aticulation acorrding to the the midi…

So to sum up, I’d like to be able to send a note to any midi channel manually, set-up key switches or sucsessfully get Trilian and cubase to respond to midi cc as key switches, all form note expression.

Well, I had another go at using midi cc and it seems to be working, I just needed to change Trilian & Omnisphere’s Live modes to touch.

I’d still be interested to know if this is the only way of doing it though and whether it’s possible to send a note to a separate midi channel manually.

I’ve definitely got my “dumb head” on today :blush: , so I’m not sure I am following what exactly you are trying to achieve… what do you mean by “change the MIDI channel manually”? (especially, when you say, “so that the articulation would follow the note”… for that, all you have to do is set the MIDI channel for that note in the Info Line… no need for Note Expression, or VST Expression to do that… just make sure that the MIDI track’s output is set to “Any”)
Or do you mean, change the channel in realtime? (but then, what has that to do with “when you move the note”?)
Sorry for not quite understanding :wink:

Well, whether you understood my question or not you answered it. :smiley:

I knew that there must have been a much more simple soulution, just couldn’t find it and over thought it.


Turns out that wasn’t quite the solution I was after, after all…

The trouble with changing the midi channel in the info line is that, it only works on a mid track, not an instrument track (not a major issue) and that Live mode (Omnisphere/Trilian) does not respond to midi channel changes.

This means that because I’m unable to use live mode (with the midi channel change method) one note won’t cut of another note or respond to legato…

So it would seem that the midi cc solution is the best one at the moment.
I’m glad you told me about being able to change the midi channel in the info line though and I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it somewhere along the line.

… but you can use a VST Expression Map to change channels on an instrument track. (although, you are now saying that, for Live Mode, you don’t want to change channels? :confused: ).
Anyways, with a VST Expression Map (using Direction-type articulations, rather than Attribute-type, for the type of thing you are wanting to do), you can set each VST Expression slot to transmit trigger notes, CC#s, Program changes, and/or MIDI channel changes, and that will all be passed on to the receiving instrument (yes, even for MIDI channels on an Instrument track).