Note expression dodgy?


When using pitchbend via note expression -> the pitchbend stays pitched for all consecutive notes after the notes with the bend…
Pressing stop/start resets the pitchbend back to normal.
-but once it goes through the notes containing the pitchbend expression again, it gets “stuck” again until stop/start

Anybody else seeing this?


The note expression is pitchbend -> no snap -> line tool line from top left to bottom right…
(Cubase 9.0.20)


I think I did request (ages ago) for a Reset button for the end of the Note Expression window (i.e. not just for pitchbend, but for any CC# or Note Exp event… I’ll have to go search for it… can’t remember if it got a reply :wink: )

Ah vic:)

Someone i can count on:)

So this is a known thing and not just locally on my machine?
(I dont remember this behavior)

i found this one explaining it:

Strange… Never realized note expression needed a note off…

This (no reset to pre note expression value after the note plays) would make the whole concept of note expression pretty useless in my eyes…

Not a Note off (the Note Expression window doesn’t edit the actual note data :wink: )… just a reset button for the CC or Note expression curve currently being edited, at the end of the Note Expression window. I would imagine it looking like an automation node, so that you could drag it horizontally (in either direction), in case you want to extend the length of the Note Expression window, e.g. to accommodate note release times.

Lol, i know its not actually a note off- but “like” a “note off” when compared to notes;)

I think it should be automatic… No node needed… Maybe a “lock end value” button…

But while we are thinking of improvements
A dropdown list with all possible selectable ccs in the window itself.

But before we dream of better days, i think we can agree that a “reset” is needed first;)

Edit: lol, i only skimmed through the previous post… Yes, the “release” node would be nice… -> either way, when the note expression is finished, it should reset:)

Edit2: wait, you can extend the window for longer release times… But…
it defo needs nodes… Its kinda akward to be exact with (for me)
-> just drawing a diagonal line from top left to bottom right is a challenge…(and it shouldnt be- this should be a fast exact tool, not a fiddly widdly workflow killer) :wink: (would be nice if one could draw a straight line with the pencil tool and then use the “tilts” to get right into the corners) - too fiddly for real work?
Is it just me having troubles or how are you getting along with it, making exact adjustments?