Note Expression, Minimum Value cannot be set

Hello, migrating from Ableton here. I noticed, that while setting up Note Expression CC values, there is no way to set a minimum or maximum value. For example, if I want a knob or fader to not go below 50% value and above 75%, there is no way to set the range. I noticed there is a Min Max bar right below the MIDI CC assignment, but attempting to click or change a value on it does not do anything.

Conversely, in Ableton, there is a device called Note Expression that allows me to easily set the minimum and maximum value of the CC range. Any movement with my MIDI controller will be only within that range, regardless of how far I move the device.

This is not likely the ‘only’ way, but it comes to mind…

You could use global or track insert transformers to limit/scale/invert the live input and more.

Click to See Input Transformer in the CuBase 9.5 Online Manual

Thank you! I’ve tried out some queries in the transformer and it worked out fine.