Note expression = no sound at all anymore

HI , I have tried to use Note Expression for the first time.
I have a group of melodic notes over a pedal tone. I want to make a diminuendo on the pedal tone and have it fade out on its own.

So, I click on the pedal tone (midi note) in the Key Editor and the box opens (the width of the note) to edit a particular parameter. In this case I chose CC 7 Main Volume. As well I clicked in the small box in the Inspector to highlight the Main Volume. Back in the Key Editor, I then chose the line tool to draw in a diminuendo, then closed the box.

I then played it and get…nothing. No sound whatsoever on any of the notes.

I’m using East West Quantum Leap Platinum strings.
As well I have the latest version of play and Cubase 7.O.7 build 2277.

Any ideas???

Many thanks!!! Jeff

Ok , I went online and found out about turning ON Midi Learn in EWQLSO. I did that and I now have sound. But… the diminuendo works , but on ALL the notes. I only want the diminuendo on the pedal note. Anybody have any ideas how I make the settings in EWQLSO Play interface?
Thx Jeff

Yeah it doesn’t support that. Are there any vst3 instruments beside steinberg’s that actually do anyway?

Create a duplicate track. Delete all notes except the pedal note, whilst deleting the pedal note on the original track. You can then automate the pedal note. This will mean that you have two instances of your chosen instrument. However you can freeze the pedal note version if you need the resources. I often do this with Brass section work.
I hope that helps.

Hi. Sil. Thanks for the tip. Is this the only real work around? It’s so old school.
Is there any word on when/if East West fixes this?
Thanks again jeff

Hi. Luk. I don’t know. I didn’t realize it was a vst 3 issue at first. I mostly use east west so I’ll have to copy the one note onto another track as Sil suggests.
Thx for the input. Jeff