Note Expression Parameter Range.. can't edit it

I just got an expression pedal, and I remapped it to show up in Cubase as an expression pedal (CC11) instead of a portamento switch (CC65) using note expression. It works.

Now, what if I want the expression pedal to act as a boost instead of as a main volume? Perhaps a percentage volume increase would be nice. But a simpler problem would be just to make the volume range from 64 to 127, instead of 0 to 127.

What I expected
Now the manual seems to imply that I can do that. Diagram item 4, “Settings for the selected controller”. Later on the page under “Parameter range controls (Min/Max)” it really does seem to say that you can make adjustments.

What I get
The up/down triangles (maroon) don’t respond. Double clicking the number does nothing. I can’t drag the slider. It’s the same with other CCs.

The question
What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug?


This Range parameter is available only for the VST3 parameters, not for the common MIDI CCs. If you add an HALion Sonic SE, you can see three VST3 parameters in the list (on top): Volume, Pan, Tuning. You can set the Range for these 3 parameters.

I see. Yes, it lites up when I select volume, and if I map CC65 to volume, then I get what I was asking for. Thanks Martin! :sunglasses: