Note expression - strange inspector behaviour?

Cubase 6 64 bit PC

I am learning Note expression but I think that some of the behaviour in the note expression inspector is not working as it should
If i load say a halion Syphony orchestra SE instrument, and go to the note expression part of the inspector I see the following:
Note expression parameters

Below is a list of CCs with boxes unchecked


If I hit the Parameter control at the top of this portion of the insepctor (whic is presently grey) and hit only show used parameters it shows volume only (whic is correct I think) - on a unused track.

If I want to go back and get teh previous set up showing, none of this optionsa change anything -specifically make all parementers visible. The Parameter icon is now a light brown and does not change color

1] Are others getting this?

2] Is this correct behaviour or a small creepy crawly thing with six legs?


Hey Mr Zerozero… how many times did you press the submit button? :laughing:

The first option, “Show only used parameters”, is a TOGGLE for which parameters to show in the inspector list.
The option, “Make all parameters visible”, makes all parameters (which have data) show up in the EDITOR. It just fills in the boxes for all parameters.
The option, “Make only edited parameter visible”, clears the boxes for all parameters except the selected one (the one being edited) IN THE EDITOR.

Bottom line is that “SHOW” relates to what is shown in the list while “VISIBLE” relates to what data shows up in the editor.

Jaslan is right.
But it certainly is laid out in a confusing manner, isn’t it?
Anyways, to answer your specific question, just click on “Show only used Parameters” a 2nd time, to uncheck it.

got it guys thanks